Report: Suge Knight Claims He Didn't Know He Hit Victims In Hit-&-Run Incident


(AllHipHop News) Suge Knight is facing felony murder charges for the death of Terry Carter after the former head of Death Row Records allegedly struck the victim with his truck. According to TMZ, not only is Knight claiming he was “in fear of his life” that night, but he is now asserting he did not even know he struck Carter with his vehicle.

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Sources told the site Suge has said he was bewildered from supposedly being attacked earlier that evening by 2 to 4 people. The 49-year-old California native also stated he was still weak from his shooting over the summer. As a result, Knight was not aware he hit anyone when he fled the scene.

There was also another person that was apparently hit by Knight’s truck. Police are investigating if Knight purposely tried to run down a man that media outlets have identified as Cle “Bone” Sloan. Los Angeles County Sheriffs have said they spoke to witnesses that claim the hit-and-run appeared to be intentional.

“Looks like he drove backwards and struck the victims and drove forwards and struck them again,” said L.A. County sheriff’s Lt. John Corina. “The people we talked to say it looked like it was an intentional act.”

After turning himself into the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, Knight was arrested. His bail was set at $2 million.

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