Ruff Ryder Producer DJ Shok Wins Millions In Lawsuit Against Legendary Label


An in-house producer who has battled with Ruff Ryders for years for royalties has finally come out on top with a huge monetary win against the company!

Ruff Ryders, the entertainment company responsible for The Lox, DMX, and Eve, has been ordered to kick out some serious loot after losing a lawsuit that lasted for four years.

A judge has awarded one of the producers who made the company rich a seven-figure judgment, sending a powerful message to the music industry.

The Supreme Court of New York has blessed producer DJ Shok with $3.2 million in damages and interest.

He alleged that he never received any royalties for songs that he worked on during his time as an in-house producer. He worked with Ruff Ryders for decades and produced dozens of songs for artists on their roster.

Cassandra Spangler, Esq., DJ Shok’s entertainment lawyer, said, “We are very happy to achieve this victory on behalf of DJ Shok. We hope that this will help to change the longstanding practice of underpaying producers and artists in the music industry.”

Her co-counsel, Thomas Vandenabeele, agreed that this lawsuit should put industry executives on notice.

He said, “Mr. Gomez had the courage to speak out, and we are very pleased that the Court awarded punitive damages. We believe that this may send a strong message across the industry.”

The artist also believes that he is standing up for other creatives who have been done wrong by winning this case.

“My hope is that the precedent set in this case will inspire others to fight for what is rightfully owed to them,” said DJ Shok. “Maybe this will be a catalyst to change the current industry practices by serving as a warning to those who withhold payments due to artists and producers.”