Rap Mogul Russell Simmons Endorses Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons says America needs a facelift as he endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Hip-Hop pioneer Russell Simmons has weighed in on tomorrow’s election, and unlike other rappers who have chosen to vote with their wallets, the Def Jam founder has opted to throw his support for compassion.

The Def Jam founder turned yogi who is responsible for breaking almost ¾ of the biggest Hip-Hop stars from the early 80s to the 2000s (via label or management including Will Smith, Rakim, and LL Cool J), took to social media to publicly endorse former Vice President Joe Biden for POTUS and Senator Kamala Biden as the number 2.

Russell said in a video sponsored by American Elections 2020, “I’ve traveled all over the world and I’ve seen how we’ve been viewed by other countries and other people. It’s a shock. It’s disappointing and disheartening.”



“We have to make it clear to get back on track,” Simmons stated.

For Simmons, getting on track means a revamp of the current system. He believes that the Biden/Harris ticket will give America the “big facelift” it needs.

“They certainly can put us on the right path,” he continued. “You have to go back towards the path to equality, justice and compassion and love, and all of these important characteristics that define what America is about.”

Russell Simmons is no stranger to the political advocacy campaigns and has worked with the Democratic party for years to help secure the White House. His message has always been consistent.

“We can do it. be part of the whole, help the collective. Vote to make us all better and you will be better as a result,” Russell Simmons said.