RZA & Interpol’s Paul Banks Planning New Music

The Wu-Tang frontman is staying busy during the pandemic with his side project “Banks & Steelz.”

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA and Interpol’s Paul Banks have revived their side project Banks & Steelz after sending each other new music during the coronavirus lockdown.

The unlikely pair first came together in 2013 and released the album Anything But Words three years later.

RZA explained how his new project with Banks came about.

“That’s something that happened during quarantine; me and Paul have been sending each other tracks. We got a song that we just finished… called The Pains of Love. And I think in COVID, the song is funny, because the pains of love is something that we’re willing to endure.

“That’s people who are locked up with each other and can’t go out for months. Can you endure that? The joy of love? Well how about the pain of love?”