RZA Talks Ol' Dirty Bastard Biopic: "Wheels Are In Motion"


(AllHipHop News) Today (Jan. 19), the Wu-Tang’s RZA delivered news on the anticipated Ol’ Dirty Bastard biopic. Given that Bobby Digital and ODB are actual cousins, RZA has great insight to lend to the project. In a candid interview, the artistic savant explained, “”I think it’s a great idea, and there has been talk about it. There are a few wheels in motion with one done by our first cousin Rayshawn; he was the young guy there watching everything that happened,” reported Rolling Stone magazine.

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Recently,  the iconic beatsmith has experience criticism concerning his thoughts on the chosen attire of young black men, but he had nothing but good things to say about the pending ODB biopic’s script. “Him and  ODB’s wife have been talking and he has a pretty interesting script,” said RZA before he added, “I just saw a 12-minute teaser that he shot about a year ago and it felt pretty f###### cool. I watched it and was like, ‘Wow, you may have something here.’ He has the best thing that I’ve seen so far.”

As of yet, specific details pertaining to casting and to production have not been publicly shared. With the impact and acclaim of the N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton, The RZArector believes that the public would welcome a film about ODB’s life. ““Straight Outta Compton showed that hip-hop is a marketplace in cinema. I always believed that the art we was creating was audio-visual, and it was headed towards visual-audio.”

He then expressed, “And that’s why you see me in this world — my own heart drove me here — and I’m glad that a movie like that breaks out and does such numbers that it’s almost undeniable. It showed that with the proper team and marketing, many of us out here who grew up on this music would love to see the inside makings of those stories.”

How would the public respond to an ODB biopic?