'Saturday Night Live' Pokes Fun At Iggy Azalea In Skit (VIDEO)


Iggy Azalea has left social media jilted as she is trying to escape all the stones thrown her way. Now, she may have to turn off her TV set. Over the weekend Saturday Night Live poked fun as the Australian-born rapper in a skit called the “Iggy Azalea Show.” In the clip, Kate McKinnon played a happy-go-lucky Iggy who tries to be a hardcore rapper who is really nothing she pretends to be.

Jay Pharoah plays her “rap daddy” T.I while a Riff-Raff lookalike, played by Chris Hemsworth, reveals himself as Iggy’s hip-hop coach who give tips on how to fake it till she makes it. The show also mocked Ig’s beef with Azealia Banks, whom the ‘Black Widow” rapper tried to style-swipe during the skit. The real Banks loved it though.

SNL isn’t the first TV show to tease the “Goddess” rapper. ESPN anchor Robert Flores took a jab at her recently and said she was “trying to kill hip-hop.”

Watch the skit below.