Scammers Who Posed As Roc Nation And Wu-Tang Clan Reps Prepare For Prison

Two men are facing decades in prison for posing as reps Roc Nation and The Wu-Tang Clan!

(AllHipHop News) 

Two men are facing 20 years in prison for posing as members of the Wu-Tang Clan and Roc Nation to cheat limo services, hotels, and banks just to act like high-rollers.

Aaron Barnes-Burpo, 29, of Crestview, Florida., and Walker Washington, 52, of Augusta, Georgia has confessed to their multi-state scam.

In alternating cons, Burpo and Washington would pose as employees of Roc Nation, or as representatives of the Wu-Tang Clan. Then the conmen used stolen credit cards to rent a Rolls-Royce and luxury limos to floss in each city.

Burpo and Washington spared no expense and ran up over $100,000 when they stayed at the best hotels, and recording in studios like the famous rappers whose lifestyles they so desperately wanted to emulate.

The whole scam fell apart after alert staff members at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Augusta became suspicious of the two men and called the cops.

“These men play-acted as bigshots so they could rip off hospitality providers for luxury treatment, but their scam fell apart thanks to an alert Augusta hotel clerk,” said U.S. Attorney Christine. “It didn’t take Nick Cannon to figure out the defendants were lip-synching, and they’ll be disappointed to learn that their future accommodations in federal prison won’t be as swanky as those hotels.”

Both men have already admitted to fronting as if they worked for Roc Nation and the Wu. Burpo and Washington both pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

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