Scarface Arrested After Being Honored At BET Hip-Hop Awards

Free Scarface!!!

Scarface has apparently been arrested after being honored at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta last night.

Face was bestowed with the coveted “I Am Hip-Hop” award, a nod to his influence and tenure in Hip-Hop.

Scarface’s moment, as he was introduced by Ludacris, was a highlight of the evening. Authorities were present at the taping, which happened at the Atlanta Civic Center. They took the Houston rap legend in on failure to pay child support, according to sources.

Celebrity photographer Freddy-O explained what happened backstage.

“After Scarface exited the stage heading back to the celebrity trailers there were 10 sheriffs waiting to arrest him. Sources revealed that Scarface had a warrant and he was not suppose to leave the State of Texas. Scarface was so concerned about accepting his award and not disappointing his fans he risked being arrested,” Freddy wrote. “Snoop was back stage when Scarface was arrested and was upset that; the great moment ended on a sour note.  The incident resulted in the show being delayed.”

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Brad Jordan, Scarface’s real name, has had to deal with these sort of charges in the past. In 2010, he served time in jai for failing to pay in Montgomery County, TX.

AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur was present at the awards and spoke to Scarface just as he was to be honored.

“I spoke to Face before he was going hit the stage and he was in great spirits,” Creekmur said. “There was no indication that something was awry. After the show Julia Beverly (author and journalist) and I were trying to find him to again congratulate him, but we never heard back. Hopefully, this gets resolved quickly.


Below is an extensive 2-part interview with Scarface with Creekmur and Nida Khan.

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