Scottish Comedian Disgraced Over Racist Tweets At Kanye, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg

Janey Godley Snoop Dogg 50 Cent and Kanye West

A comedian from Scotland is backtracking after dozens of racist tweets directed at Black people – including 50 Cent, Kanye West and Snoop Dogg resurfaced, costing her a job!

Out of embarrassment, Scotland’s government has distanced themselves from a comedian named Janey Godley.

The funny woman tapped to help inspire people to take certain precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, making them laugh as a spokesperson for a new public health campaign, has been let go because of racist comments she made on social media to various Black Americans celebs — including some of our favorite rappers.

The Daily Beast was the first to share the tweets to the politicians that were behind the ad, and the Scottish did not take a long time to pull the plug.

While the 20 blatantly racist tweets were over ten years old, they were still brutal.

Back in 2011, when Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child was a judge on British show The X Factor, Godley tweeted, “F##ksake That horsey face black wummin on Xfactor is flashing her t###…is this not a kids show?”

She wrote in a different post, “Kelly does speak like the stereotyped black Aunt Jemima who stands on a stool in the *Tom & Jerry *cartoons screaming ‘TOM.’”

In yet another post, “If Kelly talks like a ghetto blaster racist black chick am gonna punch her rice and peas.” She also called her in a “the black horse from USA” in still another post.

Godley, whose language is anything but of God, said this about 50 Cent on Twitter, “There’s nothing classier than a black rap man in a well cut suit with photo’s of guns in the background…mmm sexy.”

She also tweeted, “If it wasn’t the fact he is a b######## man talking about his dick I wouldn’t have known he was a rapper?”

In both of those tweets (and several more) she tagged the “Candy Shop” rapper. And in typical Fif fashion, he responded, “take yo big ass to sleep if you dont like what im saying.”

One might think that 50 getting her together was enough … but no … After comparing forced evictions from the Scottish Highlands in the 18 and 19th centuries to African slavery, she tweeted Kanye’s fans the following:

“The amount of black people annoyed I wrote ‘we are descendants of highlands clearances’ to Kanye. offended are ye? get f#####.”

She also went after Uncle Snoop Dogg, “I can’t believe snoop dog gets jailed for possessing weed—he’s a black rapper of course he has weed that’s his job isn’t it? And singing.”

More blatantly racist tweets were:

“just watch Justin Beiber video they need to stop leaving the wee boy with b######## fat rappers at parties..who is looking after that child?”

“Got accosted with 2 ‘american rap’ speaking black guys one had a hairnet in the Burger King ‘i will pop a cap in yer hairnet’ i said.”

“In hotel room which resembles a prison There are b######## men next room pretending to be hard core rappers ! Not in this hotel luv!”

“Can some Black male comics not tell us the size of their c###?”

“Were all black guys who became comedians the ONLY black guy at school in London in the 80s? really? were they really all good at dancing?”

Since the tweets have become public, she has apologized.

Godley presented a statement to The Daily Beast that denied any connection to these statements “These historic tweets that people have quite rightly found offensive, are deeply hurtful and shows my lack of empathy and zero self-awareness and come from a time of ignorance in my life, I am a firm believer in progress not perfection, I will continue to progress. People have every right to see who they are supporting and what values they hold and looking through their past social media is the way forward. I apologise for every single offensive word I wrote.”

“The offensive replies from me were to accounts that threatened me and I lashed out with abhorrent heckles. Their accounts were suspended, I should have blocked and reported them and not argued back. Comedy is no excuse for shocking and hurting people with words. I will endeavour to be better in future.”

“There are fake tweets that were created to threaten me, but
notwithstanding, the ones I wrote, I take responsibility for. During the course of this pandemic, I have tried to keep everyone’s spirits up and at the same time highlight the dangers. I am passionate about this and will continue to help in any way I can.”

The Scots had a statement of their own that showed that they weren’t going for it and just like that, she is out of a job.

“A series of unacceptable tweets by Janey Godley have been brought to our attention and, while she has rightly apologised, trust in our public health messages at this time is paramount. We have therefore taken the decision to withdraw any further campaign material in which Ms Godley features. The material will be discontinued immediately on our own channels and withdrawn as soon as possible from external media.”