Sean Kingston Accused Of Pulling Gun On Director And Beating Him Up

Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston could be facing some criminal charges over a violent altercation earlier this month at his mansion in Los Angeles!

Sean Kingston has avoided negative headlines for quite some time, but his run has come to a screeching halt.

According to reports, the “Beautiful Girls” singer beat the living daylights out of a video producer staying at his home, and now he could face criminal assault charges.

The director, who goes by GXDLIKE, said he had been staying at Sean Kingston’s Los Angeles area home for the past three months, with no major issues.

GXDLIKE collaborated with Kingston to direct a few episodes of Kingston’s vlog, “Deliverance.”

The relationship came to a violent end on November 5th.

GXDLIKE told TMZ that Kingston wanted him to shoot some footage from his phone, which was dead. Kingston allegedly flew into a rage and punched GXDLIKE in the face.

Then, the singer allegedly dragged the director into a hallway, pulled out a gun, and threatened his life before kicking him out of his house for good.

GXDLIKE suffered some scrapes and bruises, so he filed a police report accusing Sean Kingston of assault. So far, Kingston has not been charged with any crime.

Sean Kingston does not seem to be concerned in the least bit. He is currently in Texas, where he has gigs in Austin and Houston.

Last year, Kingston linked up with hip-hop agent Triple The Mogul to create the Professional Rapper Boxing League (PRBL) after staging bouts in his Hollywood Hills mansion.