Sean Kingston Ordered To Cough Up $44k Over Another Jewelry Bill


(AllHipHop News) It has been an epic year for Sean Kingston, and it has nothing to do with music and more to do with his jewelry.

Kingston was just ordered to fork over $44,000 for an outstanding jewelry bill, as part of an ongoing lawsuit over a Rolex and a diamond bracelet that he was accused of never paying for.

Haimov Jewelers in Florida will soon be $44,000 richer, after a judge ruled that Sean Kingston swapped his old Rolex for a new one, in addition to a $19,000 bracelet but never paid for either item.

In August, Sean Kingston was sued for $300,000 and for copping a bunch of jewels and paying for them checks that bounced.

He was also hit in the head with a champagne bottle robbed of those same necklace at Playhouse in Los Angeles, which resulted in a massive feud between Game and Meek Mill.

Kingston also has a $900,000 lawsuit against Playhouse, claiming the club was negligent in providing him security for the evening, which resulted in him being relieved of his jewelry.