Serena Williams’ Daughter Puts Tennis Star’s Wig On Blast

Serena Williams

The youngster was quick to blow up her mother’s spot.

Serena Williams is getting a kick out of motherhood—and we’re not talking about a little pang from the nugget in her belly. On Sunday (July 16), the tennis pro took to Twitter to share the hilarious thing her 5-year-old Olympia said while the two were out and about.

Apparently, a “nice lady” complimented Williams on her hair. After the Compton native graciously accepted the compliment, her daughter burst her bubble with three words: “It’s a wig.”

This isn’t the first time she has had embarrassment with her wigs. On May 13, she took to social media to share how her wig fell off when she was getting her neck re-aligned.

“I was thinking about this one time I needed to get my neck adjusted,” she says in the video. “I was my neck was so tight, I just was like I need to get this adjusted ASAP. So, the guy came over to the adjust me.”

She continued with the story, “I had just was getting ready [and]  I had my wig on. I didn’t pin it on. I didn’t glue it on. I literally just had it on. Next thing I know he’s like puts me on the table and he’s adjusting to me. I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God! Do not come off.’”

But perhaps, God wasn’t listening. Williams said before she knew it, her greatest fear was realized.

“He adjusted my neck, and of course, my wig flies off,” she finished, adding how embarrassed she was. Watch the clip below.

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