Shannon Sharpe “Ready To Move On” After Shaq Dropped Diss Track 

Shannon Sharpe Shaw Shaquille O'Neal

Shannon Sharpe insisted he doesn’t have a problem with Shaq despite the former Lakers star bombing on him in a diss track. 

Shannon Sharpe won’t be responding to Shaq’s diss track anytime soon. 

While Shaquille O’Neal’ borrowed a leaf out of Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s book, taking his beef to the booth after clashing with Sharpe over a Nikola Jokić interview, the Club Shay Shay host has put the war of words behind him. 

On Monday evening (May 13) Shannon Sharpe addressed the feud on the Webby Awards red carpet, insisting he has nothing to say to Shaq.  

“I mean, I don’t have no problem with Shaq,” Sharpe explained to PEOPLE. “He said what he said, I’m ready to move on.” 

Tension arose between the fellow athletes-turned-talking heads after Sharpe accused Shaq of being envious of Jokić for winning a third NBA MVP Award. 

In response, the former Lakers star, a one-time MVP winner, belittled the Pro Football Hall of Famer in a lengthy Instagram caption.  

“4 rings three finals Mvp top 50 and top 75. google me,” Shaq wrote. “All this new success you got, you still under me.” 

Meanwhile, Shannon Sharp fired back, claiming he never professed to be as great as Shaq. Despite Sharpe’s insistence that there was no beef, Shaq replied with a diss track. 

Posting the song on Instagram Shaq said “Now i’m done with this,” and was headed to the Bahamas. Furthermore, Shaq refused to allow anybody to mediate for them.  

“You can never break the UNBreakable,” he added. “And to all the people that kno both of us don’t call me, it will never [be] a sit down.”  

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