Shaq Apologizes To Drake After Going Viral With Photoshopped Bikini Pic 

Drake Shaq

Shaq explained why he shared a puzzling photoshopped photo of him and Drake sharing an intimate moment on a yacht.  

Shaq is clearing the air with Drake after clowning him with a recent social media post. 

The Los Angeles Lakers legend addressed the topic on the latest episode of his Big Podcast show. “Let me apologize real quick. I sent out a picture the other day,” Shaq began. “The mistake I made was I should’ve said ‘Who did this?’ Because I want Drake to know.” 

Before offering up another apology, Shaq explained that he only shared it because he thought Drake would find it amusing. 

“Listen, Drake has a great sense of humor. So I thought it was funny that they did that. I don’t want him to think ‘I saw Shaq trolling,’’ he added. “No, I’m not trolling. 

The image in question features a shirtless Shaquille O’Neal alongside a woman with Drake’s head photoshopped onto her body. The pair are embracing with Shaq cupping fake Drake’s booty. Doubling down on the trolling, the post included Metro Boomin’s edit of “BBL Drizzy.” 

Shaq clarified that he didn’t edit the picture himself, and he should have made it obvious in the caption.  

“No, I didn’t photoshop it. Somebody photoshopped it and I actually saw it. And I took the picture… So Drake, I apologize,” he said, adding, “because I don’t want you to think I did that. Somebody sent it to me. I thought it was funny and hopefully, you thought it was funny, too. But once it went viral, I definitely took it down. So my bad, big Drake.”