Shoreline Mafia Rapper OhGeesy Busted On Drug And Gun Charges

Officers saw the rapper’s choice drug in his pocket and busted him for not having a prescription.

California rapper OhGeesy, a member of the Shoreline Mafia, was arrested by the Burbank Police Department on Saturday, Sept. 3 during a traffic stop, after officers believed he and four other friends had expired tags and excessive window tint.

According to TMZ, OhGeesy was sitting in the back of the vehicle when the cops pulled his crew over. When peering through the window, the cop saw a bottle of codeine sticking out of OhGeesy’s pocket.

To make matters worse, the driver did not have a license.

This, according to the officers, warranted a search, where it was discovered that OhGeesy did not have a prescription for the super strength cough syrup. Cops also found a fully loaded gun was discovered in the car.

All five people in the car were charged and arrested for possession of a loaded firearm. OhGeesy received an additional charge for the un-prescribed drug.

The artist’s bail was set for $35,000, which he made.

His lawyer Michael A. Goldstein released a statement about the ordeal.

“Although it has been reported that a single firearm was recovered from a bag in the front passenger area, the officers arrested all 5 occupants,” he remarked.  “We look forward to our day in court…assuming this makes it to the front steps of the building.”