Silkk The Shocker Talks New Film ‘More Money, More Family’ (VIDEO)


Silkk The Shocker is not only making a return to music but also the movie world. AllHipHop’s Mr. Mecc recently caught up with the No Limit soldier to get the scoop on his new movie, More Money, More Family and why he was out of the spotlight for so long.

“I took time to dedicate to the business, just making sure stuff was in order and I was enjoying it,” he said. “I was going to stay [out] a little longer but they pushed me back in because of the movie stuff.”

Silkk not only starred in More Money, More Family but also served as the director and co-wrote the script. The film also stars comedians Lil’ Duval, G Thang, Michael Blackson and Jack Thriller.

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“I love painting a picture and movies are the ultimate picture,” he said about being a director. “Music is good but movies are the next level.”

The film will be released Nov. 3rd on DVD.

Take a look the the interview and the movie trailer below.