Sir Lucian Grainge Pounces On Lil Rod’s Attorney As Diddy Saga Continues

Diddy and Sir Lucian Grainge

Sir Lucian Grainge wants at least $450,000 from Lil Rod’s attorney as Diddy’s legal drama continues to rage on. 

Universal Music Group (UMG) has escalated the legal clash with Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’s attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, requesting sanctions that could measurably alter the course of the ongoing case involving Diddy.

UMG, in collaboration with Motown Records and UMG CEO Sir Lucian Grainge, seeks judiciary penalties over a series of complaints and motions initiated by Blackburn on behalf of Lil Rod, accusing the music giant and its partners of serious criminal conduct. 

In a shocking lawsuit initiated by Lil Rod against Diddy, Blackburn claimed Grainge was complicit in purported sexual misconduct by Diddy. 

The lawsuit claimed Grainge frequented Diddy’s home, attended questionable parties and financially supported activities linked to sex trafficking, accusations vehemently denied by Grainge and UMG.

Lawyers for Grainge deem the allegations “blatantly false” and “unsupported by facts,” filing for dismissal on the grounds that there’s no legal basis holding them liable for Diddy’s actions. 

Blackburn caved earlier this week and asked the judge to dismiss UMG and Lucian Grainge from the lawsuit entirely, but if a judge sides with the music industry boss, that move could cost the lawyer hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The company asserts that Blackburn’s persistent legal maneuvers have resulted in substantial financial strain.

Donald S. Zakarin, representing UMG from Pryor Cashman, LLP, declared that Lil Rod and Blackburn’s allegations were patently false from the start. 

UMG contends that Blackburn’s behavior has wasted considerable time and resources and inflicted significant reputational damage on Grainge. 

Zakarin claims that these false accusations necessitated enhanced security for Grainge and his family due to the personal and professional harm caused.

UMG is pursuing sanctions against Blackburn and reimbursement for more than $450,000 in legal fees and related expenses. Zakarin stated these costs could’ve been averted had Blackburn retracted the claims.

“Mr. Blackburn has not only vexatiously multiplied the proceedings in this matter, contrary to his protestations, he has actively self-promoted on social media,” Zakarin said. “Through three complaints, without any basis whatsoever, not legal and not factual, our clients, especially Sir Lucian Grainge, have had their names and reputations dragged through the mud.”

UMG insists that Blackburn’s conduct warrants sanctions to deter future misuse of federal courts.