Slim 400 Shot And Killed

Slim 400

More tragedy has descended upon the Hip-Hop community, with the news of the murder of rapper Slim 400.

Compton, California rapper Slim 400 was shot and killed on the streets of Inglewood on Wednesday, December 8th.

According to police reports, the shooting took place around Manchester Boulevard and 7th Ave around 7:50 pm, and the victim was identified as the “Bruisin“ artist by TMZ.

At 33 years old, the rising star and once protégé of YG, had seen his share of violence in the street.

In 2019, he was shot 9 times during a family trip to his hometown of Compton. In an interview, the rapper spoke about the incident, describing in detail what happened.

He shared, “I hit the ground thinking it was over. My family came out, kept me alive, talking to me, dragging me in the house while they still shooting … My family, love her to death for just saving me. I just feel like I’m blessed just to be here ’cause I could have just died then and there.”

This time, unfortunately, Slim 400 is not here to share the details about his life. As of publishing, no arrests have been made or suspects publicly identified.

Early Thursday morning, between 12:30 am and 1:00 am (EST) Fellow Mud Dollaz Mayor took to social media in tribute to his friend, posting a picture of his friend and captioning in denial, “Pull thru not tryna hear the Bs I’m hear’n pray for @slim400blk.

Slim 400, real name, Vincent Cohran, was born in Germany.

The rapper was discovered by YG and once signed to his label Pu$haz Ink. sends prayers to his family and loved ones.