Snoop Dogg Calls Out UFC Boss Dana White And Dares Him To Accept His $2 Million Bet On Jake Paul

Snoop Dogg and Dana White

Snoop Dogg has upped the ante with UFC boss Dana White as the multi-millionaires prepare to wager a fortune on the Jake Paul/Ben Askren fight.

Snoop will always put his money where his mouth is.

He proved that recently by making a $2 million bet with the UFC head honcho Dana White on the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren battle.

Dana White simply doesn’t believe in Paul’s ability. But that is ok.

The 24-year-old YouTuber, who has already won two boxing matches, has other folk holding him down.

First it was Zab Judah, who argued with White on Mike Tyson’s podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.” White got so worked up after Judah explained why the young buck has a chance, that he offered up a $1 million purse to anyone who wants to stand with the kid.

Snoop recently took to social media and said, “Hey Dana White, I see you got faith in your boy right? Going up against my guy Jake.”

“You say you got a million? You’re the CEO of UFC, man. You’ve got more than a million. Put up two million and we’ll match it. … Come on Dana, whatchu waiting on?

“Your money good. Yeah, I got Jake. Fight night. That’s my guy, that’s my dog in the fight. Two million. Holla at me, Dana White.”

With a little over a month left before the April 17th fight, we wonder who else will step up.