Snoop Dogg Links With Leading Scientists To Disrupt Agricultural Cannabis Business

Snoop Dogg is launching a new innovative product to help Cannabis lovers grow their pot in pods.

(AllHipHop News) Snoop Dogg will forever go down in history as the most cannabis-friendly artist to grace the rap game.

Now, he takes his love for marijuana even further.

GP Solutions (GWPD) recently partnered with the Long Beach rapper to provide even more innovative agricultural solutions to the cannabis market.

“I have a long-time passion for the best quality plants and have come to learn that you only get quality out if you put quality in,” Snoop Dogg said. “This is why I reached out to scientists worldwide who could formulate a line of nutrients, using only high-quality liquid ingredients that deliver exactly what plants need.

GP Solutions first introduced its brand new Snoop’s Premium Nutrient Pods at a recent CannaCon South convention in Oklahoma City, a huge target market for the marijuana industry.

“Our Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Pods were the hit of the show. Not only was the interest level incredibly high, but we are also in the process of closing multitudes of deals,” GP Solutions CEO George Natzic stated.

Snoop will be co-branding their trademark GrowPods under his name.

The company will also distribute Snoop’s Premium Nutrients, described as a “premier product line developed in Holland for the cannabis market.”

Consumers who purchase one of his branded pots will obtain a 6-month supply of the premium nutrients included in the package.

These Pods are designed to be easily operated while streamlining the process for users to start farming and generating revenue ASAP.