Social Media Drags Kim Kardashian For Claiming North West Booked Her Massages

North West and Kim Kardashian

Some fans think the influencer is using her daughter because she is single.

Everybody knows that the Kardashian-West kids are different.

Now, it seems that North West, the eldest of the clan, is showing the world just how different she actually is … and seemingly blowing up the ruse that she is like all the other kids in America.

For years both mom and dad have tried to convince us that their children, who at one point had two self-made billionaire parents, are normal.

On Monday, May 1, right before attending the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian shared a video in her Instagram stories of North West’s pre-party surprise.

She captioned the clip, “How sweet is North for surprising me tonight with this for us to relax before the Met?”

The 9-year-old allegedly decked out a suite with white rose petals and candles and three massage beds to set the mood for her now-stylish mom.

Silver balloons on the wall read, “Karl Lagerfeld Met Gala” which was the theme of this year’s celebration.

The Skims founder can be heard saying, “Oh my gosh, ‘Karl Lagerfeld Met Gala. North! Massages before the big day – how beautiful.”

Some fans, no matter how much of her mom and dad she has in her and her access to their bank, thought the idea that the kid pulled this off was incredulous.

One person said on social media Reddit, “Maybe the intern’s name is also North.”

“I think the part that’s true is that maybe North threw some pedals [sic] on the ground,” another person said.

Pineapple_Peony didn’t care about who exactly did the work, but said, “Please find her a man so this child can get a break.”

Other added on, “Omg my exact thoughts. Kim uses North as emotional support / her replacement for a partner. Effing weird to lie and say your kid did this. MAYBE North said “would love to get massages mom” but to act like your young daughter thought of this on her own and contacted an adult to execute to surprise her mom is NUTS.”

North West has become quite popular as a TikTok star and all-around influencer.

Either way … does it matter if North actually decorated the room? Do you think she had anything to do with the planning? Is her normal, our normal?

Let us know in the comments.