Soulja Boy Calls Out Lil B For Saying Wiz Khalifa Was The First Rapper On Twitter

Soulja Boy

The social media veteran points out that he set up his account in 2008.

Soulja Boy has been working hard to make sure his legacy includes being recognized as the first rapper to… well, do everything. The “Crank That” hitmaker felt the need to correct fellow internet-savvy rapper Lil B on one of his takes.

On Monday, Lil B tweeted, “Wiz Khalifa was the 1st rapper I seen on Twitter. This was during MySpace. He was already huge on Twitter!” Those comments caught the eye of Soulja Boy.

The album creator quote tweeted his “Swag OD” and “Y.G.R.N” collaborator and added, “😂😂😂you must be high as F##. I was the first rapper on Twitter. B stop that.”

Soulja Boy later posted, “Check the dates. Why u just cap 🧢 like that?” SB also uploaded screenshots of his Twitter profile and Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter profile.

According to the images, Soulja Boy joined Twitter in October 2008. Wiz Khalifa apparently signed up for the social media service in February 2009. For the record, Lil B first began engaging on Twitter in May 2009.

“Soulja don’t lie I see you bra!!!!!! Big homie!!!!!!” The BasedGod responded to Soulja Boy. Lil B returned to the 15-year-old platform to write, “@souljaboy is the big homie family and 1st rapper period!”

While Soulja Boy was checking Lil B over his tweet, Wiz Khalifa was reminiscing about 2010. The Pittsburgh-raised spitter tweeted to Lil B, “Love you, bro. Still remember Vegas when ‘Black and Yellow’ first came out.”

Some of the earliest high-profile rap stars on Twitter include Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter (November 2008), Sean “Diddy” Combs (December 2008), Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (December 2008), Wale (December 2008), Joe Budden (January 2009), and Fabolous (February 2009).