Soulja Boy Still At It: Puts A $100K Bounty On Chicago Rapper, Then Deletes Tweets


(AllHipHop News) Chicago rapper Soulja Boy is entangled in a new beef, in which he once again threatened to kill a rival.

Soulja Boy is beefing with a Chicago rapper named Rico Recklezz, who offered up some support for Lil Yachtie, after Soulja Boy threatened him and dared him to come to Chicago on social media posts.

Rico Recklezz offered up some support to Lil Yachtie and told him he was welcomed in Chicago at any time (in so many words).

Soulja Boy didn’t take kindly to Lil Yachtie’s alliance with Rico Recklezz, and the situation devolved from there.

Over the weekend, Soulja Boy threatened to put a $100,000 hit on Rico Recklezz during an exchange between the pair on social media, before deleting the posts.

Rico Recklezz apparently captured the now deleted tweets, and posted them to his Instagram page.

Thankfully, it appears the Chicago rapper isn’t taking things too serious, and instead challenged Soulja Boy to a boxing match.

But, the violence in Chicago is real.

Over the weekend, 9 people were killed and another 42 were injured during shootings in the latest outburst of the city, between Friday and Sunday.

It appears that Soulja Boy’s threats also scare some of his rivals.

Just last week, Soulja was sued by New Orleans rapper Skrill Dilly, for allegedly putting out a $10,000 hit on him for stepping Soulja’s feud with ex-girlfriend, Nia Riley.