South African Police Shares Status Of Rapper AKA’s Murder Investigation

Fans believe his “day ones” should be speaking out about the killing more.

The international community is calling for the incarceration of the individual who killed the South African rapper AKA.  The chart-topper was killed in February 2023 in Durban.

Police say they have made progress in an investigation into the murder but have not arrested a suspect.

According to Briefly, Police Commissioner, Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi said his agency has received support from the fans in efforts to get justice for the entertainer.

“We want to encourage communities to come on board and share information,” he said.

Adding, “The investigation of Mr. Forbes, who was murdered last month, the majority of the work we did thus far it is because of the help from the community.”

“The different cameras in that vicinity are not installed by the state, but it is those cameras that are helping us to analyze and identify some of those people who might have been involved and it helps us to make linkages,” he continued.

In addition to AKA, his childhood friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane was also fatally shot in the same incident. Police say they want to get the party responsible for both deaths.

A hashtag named #JusticeforAKA has already been circulated, showing some fans have their own theories about his premature demise. They allege those closest to the artist know more than they have said publicly.

“AKA’s family know he was surrounded by 🐍 snakes.  Steph has spoken out. He ‘so called day ones’ are not calling for his justice! You begin to wonder 🧐🤔 #JusticeforAKA,” one tweeted.

“AKA’s “day ones” are so quiet for his justice. #JusticeForAKA.”