Spike Lee Regrets Working Chadwick Boseman So Hard During “Da 5 Bloods” Filming

chadwick boseman and spike lee

Spike said he feels terrible for being tough on Chadwick Boseman, not knowing the actor was dying from cancer.

Spike Lee regrets making his “Da 5 Bloods” star Chadwick Boseman work so hard now he knows the movie star was battling colon cancer.

The “Black Panther” star died last summer and Lee has said many times he had no idea his leading man was ill.

The filmmaker told The Hollywood Reporter he feels bad about some scenes, which featured the late star, and wishes he could have shot them differently.

“There was a very small circle that knew he was not going to be here that much longer, and I understand why he did not want people to know,” Spike says. “If I would have known, the first battle sequence in the film is 100 degrees and we had the shots where he has to run 50 yards like (Olympic runner) Usain Bolt.

“He has to haul it. If he tells me that (he was sick), automatically I’m not going to make him, I’m not going to push him as hard as I can. He did not want any shortcuts, any special treatment…”