Step Up Your J. Dilla Collection On Record Store Day With New, Unreleased Tracks


(AllHipHop News) J. Dilla fans will be pleased to know that they will be able to get their hands on some precious music by the revered producer this April.

Delicious Vinyl is releasing a new batch of never before heard music produced by Jay Dee, with the rap group Frank-N-Dank.

Frank Nitt said that he was digging through his vaults when he found three new songs that were never released from the year 2002.

The recordings were made inside of J. Dilla’s Clinton Township, Michigan recording studio and were cut during sessions for their album 48 Hours.

“These cuts are unheard. Never on a mixtape. Never on a test pressing. These ain’t ever been out. Nobody’s ever had their hands on them. Maybe someone in Dilla’s inner circle, but never
in the club, never on the radio,” Nitt told

The vocal versions, in addition to the instrumentals, will be available for the first time on Record Store Day, which takes place on April 22.

Only 2,000 copies of the extremely rare tracks will be pressed up, and sold around the country.

Take a listen to the clip of the track below:

Side A
1. Let’s Go
2. Things Ain’t The Same
3. Reach For The Sky

Side B
1. Let’s Go (instrumental)
2. Things Ain’t The Same (instrumental)
3. Reach For The Sky (instrumental)

Produced by Jay Dee aka J Dilla