Stitches Illegally Parks In Handicap Spot and Winds Up With Gun and Drug Charges


(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper Stitches has run into some serious legal problems.

Stitches caught the attention of local police at a Whole Foods parking lot, who recognized him from his previous arrests.

They rolled up on the rapper, after witnessing him backing out of a handicapped spot without the proper permit.

Police asked the rapper if he had any marijuana, and he handed over a burnt joint, denying he had any other drugs or weapons in the car.

However, when police searched his Porsche they found a Glock under the seat along with two magazines, in addition to 39 grams of weed and one Oxy pill, according to TMZ.

Stitches was arrested and charged with felony gun and drug possession.

The rapper didn’t seem too concerned judging by the lyrics in the song he posted in his most recent Instagram post.