Stormzy Reveals He Was So Poor He Wore His Sister’s Clothes

Grime rapper Stormzy explained his humble beginnings.

(AllHipHop News) Grime star Stormzy wore his sister’s clothes growing up, as his family “didn’t have a lot of money at all.”

The “Vossi Bop” star opened up on his humble beginnings while speaking at a local youth club, reported Britain’s The Sun newspaper, where he admitted his “working-class background” taught him to be thrifty.

“I grew up in Norbury (in south-west London), that was my stomping ground, in a house of five of us, my mom, my two big sisters, my little brother and I grew up and we didn’t have a lot of money at all,” he shared. “I used to take all my sister’s clothes. Lucky for me my big sister was a tomboy. So lucky for me I could go and take her clothes.

“New trainers were never a thing for me. School trips were a myth. My mom was working two to three jobs at a time. She was a cleaner, dinner lady, so we didn’t have much growing up at all.”

Despite the financial hardship, the “Own It” hitmaker insisted he didn’t go without, adding: “We didn’t have anything growing up, to be fair. But what we did have was love.”

The star went on to slam the “lie” that people’s economic background doesn’t affect their opportunities, insisting: “People coming from where we come from, the estates, the ends, the hoods, wherever, it’s tougher for us.

“Me becoming who I’ve become, I should never neglect the fact that it’s more difficult,” he vowed. “So whatever I can do to level the playing field, I feel like I’m obliged to do it.

“I’m not some Nobel Peace Prize winner. I’m just doing what I should genuinely do.”