Stormzy Urges Public To Remember Grenfell Tower Fire

Rap star Stormzy had some things to say about the government in the U.K. over the 2017 fire, which killed 72 people.

(AllHipHop News) Stormzy has urged the British public to never forget the Grenfell Tower fire in an emotional message to survivors on the third anniversary of the tragedy.

The massive blaze claimed the lives of 72 people back in 2017 after cladding attached to the outside of the west London social housing block caught fire.

The British rapper, who has long campaigned for justice for the victims, took part in a virtual memorial service marking the anniversary on YouTube on Sunday and told those who lost loved ones that he will never forget them and will continue to fight for their cause.

“I said I was just gonna put the camera on and just talk from my heart instead of trying to prepare anything, I didn’t want this to sound like it came from anywhere other than my heart,” Stormzy said.

“To all the people of Grenfell, we’re still mourning with you, so to anyone watching this let’s use this time, let’s use today to stand in solidarity with them and say that we ain’t forgotten you. We love you, we’re here for you.

Slamming the British government for failing to fully help those affected three years on, he added: “When the Government and powers that be have turned their back on you, we’re here. We’re here, we’ve got you, we’re not letting this go.”

Some former Grenfell residents are still yet to receive permanent new homes, while the government has also been criticized for failing to remove dangerous cladding similar to that which caused the tragedy from all other British tower blocks.

Urging Brits to continue to speak up about Grenfell, the Shut Up hitmaker went on: “It’s become my duty – and everyone else’s duty – to make sure we never forget this.

“Let this be a constant reminder, let this be a constant dark stain on British society in terms of that many lives lost and the world kept moving. There’s not been any justice. Let that be a constant reminder.”

Also taking part in the same ceremony was north Londoner Adele, with the superstar singer also calling for “answers and action.”