Strange Fight Inside DJ Khaled’s Restaurant In Miami Turns Into A Shooting

A man who was trying to eat his food inside The Licking ended up getting attacked and then shooting his aggressor.

(AllHipHop News) A man was shot outside of a North Miami restaurant connected to DJ Khaled earlier this week.

The police and fire rescue responded on Tuesday just before 6.30 pm at The Licking restaurant on Northwest 125th street.

According to local reports, two men argued the restaurant which then escalated to shooting out on the streets.

Police said that the incident started when Tamario Rolle, a 21-year old was attacked by Henry Poumier Cristo, a 24-year old inside the restaurant.

The surveillance cameras showed Poumier punching Rolle before they ran outside into the streets and shots were fired.

Cristo was hit below the waist several times and was taken to hospital in stable condition.

Rolle was arrested at the scene and taken to North Miami police headquarters.

He was charged with aggravated battery and he is out of jail on bond.

Although he started the fight, Poumier-Cristo was not charged.