Strong Edibles and Blunts Get Chief Keef A Trip To Jail



(AllHipHop News) Chicago rapper Chief Keef is back behind bars, this time in South Dakota.

According to reports, Keith attempted to board a plane in Sioux Falls earlier today, and forgot that he had a bunch of marijuana on him. reports that airport workers searched his carry on bag and became suspicious after they found a powerful edible, which was clearly labeled as such.

A more thorough search uncovered marijuana paraphernalia and four rolled blunts.  Chief Keef also happened to have almost an ounce of marijuana in his bag as well.

The rapper was promptly booked for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. Chief Keef is being held in a Sioux Falls jail awaiting arraignment.

The arrest is the latest legal snafu for chief Keith, who is also busted in Miami in April, for the same offense.