Suge Knight Going Blind, Health Deteriorating

Suge needs a doctor.

Suge Knight is deteriorating quickly.

The former Death Row mogul has had a myriad of health complications, including blindness.
Knight has fired his attorneys and also charged that he has been receiving insufficient health care in jail.

According to, he said he was blind in one eye and had roughly 15 percent vision in his other eye Monday. He also said that he’s dropped about 35 pounds since he was incarcerated and Judge Ronald Coen told the court he was hospitalized.
Knight was shot 6 times in August and has had issues related to it since.

He is presently facing murder charges after running over 2 men with his truck, killing one of them.

Incidentally, Knight’s next court date will be on March 9, the anniversary of Notorious B.I.G. death.