Suge Knight’s Ex-Wife Responds To Allegations She Was Involved In Killing 2Pac (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) A new documentary titled Tupac Assassination 3: Battle For Compton makes some bold accusations surrounding the murder of 2Pac.

The film suggests Death Row co-founder Suge Knight’s then-wife Sharitha Golden and former Death Row security chief Reggie Wright Jr. allegedly killed Tupac in an attempt to kill Knight.

Golden responded to the allegations in a video clip posted by TMZ.

“I’m so damn sick of getting 100,000 calls about this. No way in hell I would’ve murdered 2Pac. For what reason?” declared Golden. “This ridiculous theory that I had to get half of Death Row… I already had half of Death Row, America. When 2Pac died, what did Death Row become after that? Zero. Nothing. A downfall.”

Knight’s attorney has also denied the Golden/Wright murder theory was true, and Thaddeus Culpepper took issue with any suggestion he supported the claim.

“As counsel for Mr. Knight, my duty is to represent and assist him in his present cases,” stated Culpepper. “I have never made any statements regarding Tupac Shakur, nor have I made any statements on my client’s behalf regarding Mr. Shakur, written or otherwise. Articles relying on this unattributed press release are without merit.”