Sukihana Responds To Complaints She Makes Black Women Look Bad


The “Casamigos” performer brings up the late Anna Nicole Smith.

Destiny “Sukihana” Henderson typically has no problem publicly expressing her sexuality. However, her appearance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday bothered some people online.

A photo of Suki on the VMA red carpet went viral this week. Cameras captured the reality television personality/recording artist lying down on the ground which caused a heated conversation online.

“Let’s cancel suki. She really [makes] black b###### look horrible,” wrote one X user. Sukihana quote-tweeted the person and added, “Y’all been looked horrible stop blaming me.”

Sukihana went on to defend herself further. At one point, she shared an old photo of Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith going topless on stage at the 2005 MTV Australia Video Music Awards.

“This the VMA’s??” wrote Suki on her post about Anna Nicole Smith. She later added, “I miss Viva La Bam, Anna Nicole and all the white thugs that [used] to run television. Tfffff bro I loved them.”

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star also shared memes of herself on the VMA carpet photoshopped into different situations. One image featured a self-described Suki With the Good Coochie at the Last Supper.

This was not the first time Sukihana addressed critics complaining about her supposedly misrepresenting Black women. The Delaware-born entertainer’s trip to London in July included controversy as well.

“I’m embarrassed [as] a Black woman,” tweeted one Twitter account at the time. Sukihana fired back, “You scratching yo coochie in ya profile pic I’m embarrassed for you.”