SunPop Music: The Label Behind Landon Cube’s Latest Single Gaining Traction

SunPop”s new artist Landon Cube has found success with 24kGoldn and Lil Skies. Now the label prepares for a breakout year.

Republic Records’ Landon Cube is best known for collaborating with superstars like 24kGoldn and Lil Skies, but his most recent track, “Down & Out (w/ SypSki & lil rxspy),” was released through SunPop Musica label we hadn’t heard of before. 

The label’s socials are mysteriously empty, but after a little research, we were able to find the names of a few major releases. 

In addition to Landon Cube’s “Down & Out (w/ SypSki & lil rxspy),” SunPop has released: “Bad Intentions” – from Exit & boyband (of Internet Money fame) “Highlight Reel” – from Dylan Rockoff & bbno$ collaborator, Max Wells Smile” – from Sara Bareilles & Todd Carey False Art” – from Lizzy McAlpine & Ben Kessler, ….making for 10 million+ global streams in 2020 alone. 

SunPop’s trademark “flag” signifier seems to be something artists want on their releases these days. 

“SunPop is still a ‘behind-the-scenes’ operation for the most part….we don’t have a real social footprint and we don’t advertise. A lot of labels get to boasting before they have anything to back it up, but we want our work to speak for itself,” a spokesperson told “We may officially launch the brand later this year, but right now it’s ‘if you know, you know. If you don’t, you don’t.’”

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