Suge Knight Rushed To Hospital Having Hard Time In Jail

Jail Is Tough On Suge

Suge Knight is going through it in jail and the inmates are reportedly harassing the former mogul who is accused of murder.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, the stress of day-to-day prison life has cause tremendous stress on the Suge.

“Suge got on the bus from jail and people started taunting him, calling him names,” a source told the publication.

“The problem with Suge is he has claimed he was in a gang, which causes problems. And then the guy he allegedly killed was really popular in Compton. So he gets on the bus, and they’re yelling at him, threatening him, calling him names,” the source said.“He was taken off for a perceived security risk. They brought him in a separate vehicle,.”

Apparently, the rapper was sent to the hospital for an undisclosed medical condition that required an ambulance.

Suge is up for murder after killing a man on the set of “Straight Outta Compton.” In another case, he faces robbery chargers.