Suspect Named In The Murder Of Rapper Snootie Wild

snootie wild

A man has finally been caught for shooting and killing Snootie Wild as he helped a woman whose car fell in a ditch. Read more!

A 22-year-old named Ivory Duke Williams, who is barely old enough to drink, has been charged with the murder of Snootie Wild.

The rapper, who hailed from Memphis killed on the southside of Houston at the top of the year on February 25th, 2022.

According to ABC 13, the Houston Police responded to 4213 Alice Street around 2 a.m. after receiving a disturbance report. They arrive to find Porter in a ditch with a gunshot to his neck.

Snootie Wild, whose real name is LePreston Porter III, was taken to a nearby hospital and died a day later. The story had twists and turns from the start.

A woman’s vehicle was stuck in a ditch, and she needed someone to help her, according to police reports.

Snootie Wild came up to her while she was in the ditch with her car, but instead of helping her, the 36-year-old rapper pointed his gun at her. 

Frightened, the woman ran away.

After running some distance, she heard shots fired and called 911. She saw the suspects in the shooting speed off in a dark-colored sedan and informed the officers. 

To her chagrin, she would later learn the victim was Snootie Wild, who initially flashed his weapon at her.

An investigation discovered Williams was the suspect, and he was arrested on Wednesday, December 14th, for the crime.