Suspects in Toronto Rapper Houdini’s Memorial Service Shooting Identified

At least four suspects in the violent shooting during the late Toronto rapper’s memorial service, are set to appear in court in July. Others are still being identified from retrieved surveillance video.

(AllHipHop News) Toronto rapper, Houdini, was killed in a triple shooting on May 26th, in broad daylight in the city’s Entertainment District.

Earlier this month, a memorial service was held in his honor but was violently disrupted as shots were fired from a drive-by vehicle.

According to Steve Watts of the Toronto Police Service’s organized crime unit, the car “was there for approximately 4 seconds,” before fleeing westbound on Hwy. 401.

Immediately after, 10 people from the crowd with firearms started to blindly fire back towards the direction of the suspected vehicle. The following morning, the investigation began as 60 shell casings were recovered and surveillance video was retrieved.

“Through further investigation, members of the centralized shooting response team determined one of the victims had been in possession of a firearm and allegedly discharged it towards Hwy. 401,” Watts continued.

Gadded O’Neil Ledinek, of Milton, and Traequan Mahoney, of Brampton, now both face charges and have a court date of July 3rd.

Two others have been identified, as well, with the help of Peel Regional Police – Terrell Burke Whittaker and Javonte Johnson. Investigators are still working on identifying the others who were involved and seen in the surveillance video. 

The cops believe a 17-year-old named Eleijah Robinson was the triggerman who killed Houdini in cold blood.