Swizz Beatz Explains How He Found $700,000 Sitting In A Shoebox

The super producer explains how he was eating ramen noodles when he found a life-changing amount of money in a shoebox.

(AllHipHop News) Swizz Beatz was left stunned when he discovered $700,000 worth of royalty checks in a shoebox in his house.

The producer, who is married to Alicia Keys, admitted during a chat on We TV’s “Untold Hip Hop Stories” that he mistook the payments for promotional material.

As a result,.Swizz kept them in a shoebox following his grandmother’s instructions.

“I thought the checks being sent to my house was Publishing Clearing House checks,” the star, real name Kasseem Dean, said. “In the hood, they’re sending you checks from everywhere. Like, every week you won a million dollars.

“My grandmother used to make me just save them in a shoebox. So, I had $700,000 in the shoebox. I never got royalty checks ever in my life before. Nobody told me. So I’m sitting here eating ramen noodles and I got $700,000 sitting in a shoebox?”