Tate Kobang Taps Swizz Beatz For Debut, Honors Freddie Gray Anniversary


(AllHipHop News) East Baltimore rapper and 300 Ent signed Tate Kobang is about to take his buzz nationwide with Swizz Beatz.

Today it was revealed in the Baltimore Sun that Swizz Beatz will be executive producing Tate’s debut album.

Although no release date has been scheduled, plans are to release the project in September this year.

“Man, listen. Swizz was like, “Man, I’ma let you know, I get a million artists come across me every day, and there ain’t nothing special about them. There’s something about you. You it! You got ‘it!’ It is what it is.” I was like, “Man, whatever ‘it’ is, I’m glad I got it, because this is crazy.” We gonna link up and we gonna make magic.”

In addition to work with Swizz, Tate Kobang has been working with Nelly, Fabolous and Jadakiss.

Tate Kobang has been doing his best to give back to his community as the anniversary of the Freddie Gray’s death approaches.

“I’m also doing a shoe drive. I do a shoe drive every year on my mother’s birthday. That’s April 19 in Baltimore, which is also the [anniversary] of the Freddie Gray [death], so we’re going to do it right on North Avenue. We’re going to bring live music, cook out. We’re just going to have fun in the city.”

If you are still getting to know Tate Kobang, get to know this rising talent via his most popular video the “Bank Rolls Remix” below: