T.I. And AllHipHop Team To Give $12,000 To One Lucky HBCU Student

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T.I. and AllHipHop have teamed up to give one lucky student $12,000 to help offset the rising cost of tuition this year!

Forget the government. T.I. and AllHipHop’s L.I.B.R.A. Stimulus Package is moving the needle forward in social entrepreneurship and community investment during these times of dire straits, more than anyone has ever expected.

At the top of the month, AllHipHop announced that in celebration of the Grand Hustler’s latest project, The L.I.B.R.A (The Legend Is Back Running Atlanta) that dropped last week on October 16th, the rapper would give away $1,200 to 10 lucky participants, over ten days.

Day after day the winners were announced. 10 lucky people received cold hard cash from the King of the South and enjoyed the best music of his career by voting on the hottest song from each of his ten albums.

The response was overwhelming, showing both the mogul and the platform that this idea was far more than just a promotion, it was a lifesaver for some of the winners as well. 

Now T.I. is dropping even more money. 

This time, $12,000 will be given to one student from a Historically Black College or University. There is a need there as prices for HBCUs have been rising over the last 30 years.

According to Larik Dais, an executive at a popular shipping company, a member of Phi Beta Sigma and a graduate of Morehouse College, the tuition at his alma mater was under $6000 in 1991. 

Now it is almost ten times that amount. 

So great has student debt become with Black college grads, that billionaire Robert Smith offered to pay over $34 million in outstanding student loans for the graduating class of 2019 at Morehouse.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, joins the club of miracle makers. 

His gift of $12,000 could have gone to a nice Rolex, a new Birkin bag for his wife, or a few new toys for his kid, but it will not. 

What it will serve is as a down payment for some young woman or man’s future — stimulating the economy in a very tangible way.

Super dope that he has chosen AllHipHop, one of the most consistent sources for Hip-Hop culture, to be his partner. Head over to AllHipHop.com/ti or click here to read the rules and enter the contest!

If you are ready, go ahead and enter the contest below!

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