T.I. And Killer Mike Step Up To Support El Paso Hero And His Family

The Atlanta rap legends went all out for Glendon Oakley Jr. so he could be with his family after a mass shooting in Walmart.

(AllHipHop News) T.I. and Killer Mike have always shown giving hearts when it comes to giving back to the community. 

Now, the Atlanta rappers have done even more by helping the former Georgia resident who saved multiple children amidst the mass shooting which broke out at a Walmart in El Paso. 

They stepped up to help Glendon Oakley Jr., the hometown hero who is also an Army soldier. 

Mike and Tip flew Oakley’s sister, father, and a Texas minister to be by his side after the shooting occurred, which left 22 killed. 

The goal was to provide support to him since he recently came back from a deployment in Kuwait. 

Sister Glenda Oakley Cook of San Antonio states, “I’m very proud of him. He said he did what he was trained to do. Hero is the title that was given to him. He was thrust into the spotlight and he didn’t expect that. He doesn’t consider himself a hero. He said he just did what he would want someone to do for him or his kid in this situation.” 

Glenda Oakley Cook also revealed her brother has been staying low key and prefers not to speak with media outlets for interviews. 

His goal is to keep the focus and attention on the victims of the massacre and their families. 

Killer Mike also expounded on Glendon Oakley Jr.’s bravery. 

“Oftentimes, those faces of people seen as heroes don’t look like us. There are not enough brown and black faces. This is the truest essence of what I know to be the black men in my life — quietly in the shadows,” Killer Mike said. “He’s a noble young man who has credited joining the military with helping change his life. I could tell he had a strong family foundation.” 

While they only chatted on the phone, T.I. and Killer Mike want to meet Glendon Oakley Jr. in person soon.