T.I. And Tiny Robbed; Bandits Get $750,000 Worth Of Jewels

T.I. and Tiny lost a fortune and jewelry over the weekend when after someone broke into their Lamborghini.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star T.I. and his wife Tiny were robbed for almost a million dollars worth of jewels in his hometown of Atlanta.

The police are trying to track down bandits who broke into the celebrity couple’s Lamborghini and swiped a bag with $750,000 worth of jewelry in it.

According to reports, T.I. and Tiny were inside an Atlanta bar.

Tiny reportedly left a blue velour bag filled with expensive watches, diamond earrings, and wedding rings on the center console.

When the married couple left the bar, the bag was missing from their pricey Lamborghini.

Security guards in the area told police nothing out of the ordinary happened during the evening, and there was no suspicious activity in the area.

The cops are still hunting for the suspects.