T.I. Confirms Final Album Includes NBA YoungBoy But Boosie Badazz Collab LP “Missed The Window” 


T.I. has announced it’s time to evolve beyond his rap career, but he’s bowing out with a final double album.  

T.I. has confirmed he is moving beyond his rap career and releasing a “final” double album before exploring other ventures.  

The rapper and actor revealed it’s time to “evolve” beyond music after more than 25 years in the industry. T.I. opened up about his future plans during a recent appearance on the We In Miami podcast.  

“It’s time to evolve beyond a career as a rapper,” he began before adding, there are “a lot more people who are carrying the torch and pushing the culture forward.” 

He also confirmed his upcoming album Kill the King, will be his last. However, the project will be a double album with a B-side titled Kiss the King

T.I. also revealed one of the lead singles is a track featuring NBA YoungBoy. However, he said he can “probably guarantee” the song is not what fans would expect from the duo.  

He also shed light on his much-hyped joint album with Boosie Badazz. “The time that we had allotted for it we kinda passed by it,” he shared. It was ready, we got the records. It so much that goes into releasing a record besides just releasing a record.” 

According to T.I. he and Boosie “missed the window,” but there’s still hope. “Not saying that the window can’t present itself again,” he added. “We have a very healthy relationship.” 

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T.I. previously shared the title Kill The King is “a metaphor for killing the ego.” He told Insider his “King of the South” moniker “ruffled feathers,’ which worked both in his favor and detriment.  

“Now, I just feel like I’m at the place I am in my life where I’ve learned to starve the ego. That’s where peace is. ‘Kill the King’ is a metaphor for that philosophy,” T.I. explained. 

As for what’s next for T.I., elsewhere during the interview, he spoke on his new independent comedy movie “Da ‘Partments.”  

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