T.I. Defends Young Thug From Criticism People Can't Understand What He's Saying


(AllHipHop News) T.I.’s single “About The Money” is on pace to become another Top 40 hit for the Atlanta rapper. The song’s chart success is due in part to Young Thug tackling the hook. While the Paperwork cut has crossed over on radio, some listeners were critical of the fact that it is hard for them to understand what Thug was actually saying at times on the record. Some have even dubbed the young star’s style as “Mumble Rap.”

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During a CRWN interview with Elliot Wilson, Tip addressed the fact that fans complain about not being able to comprehend his collaborator on tracks. The self-ordained “King of the South” defended Thugger by comparing him to 1990’s Hip Hop legends and one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

“In his defense, let me ask you – Did you understand everything ODB was saying?” asked Tip. Responding to someone in the crowd the Hustle Gang leader added, “You did? Y’all from Brooklyn. Did you understand everything Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was saying? Did your momma and daddy understand everything James Brown was saying? Your momma and daddy didn’t understand what James Brown was saying. They just liked it.”

Tip goes on to reveal that he first became aware of Young Thug because as a teenager Thug was close to his younger cousins in Atlanta. When T.I. found out the now 22-year-old took on rapping, he was eager to support his career, but it wasn’t until Thugger released songs like “Stoner” and “Danny Glover” that he was willing to get in the studio with the rising performer.

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118 thoughts on “T.I. Defends Young Thug From Criticism People Can't Understand What He's Saying”

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  4. Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    I…don’t recall Bone, James Brown or even ODB wearing dresses. And to be honest You could understand those three if you listened to them enough.

  5. Yeah, I understood all three. ODB actually rhymed and NEVER made some gibberish and passed it off as a verse or song. Bone used a complicated rhyme style and infused it with harmonizing. And yes, James Brown made sense, he actually was saying something. Young Thug has no real defined style, just a bunch of bullshit to add to the pile because it’s that easy to make a hit these days. I can’t believe Cliff actually insulted ODB with that comparison….

  6. EmbraceTheCulture

    Don’t ever bring up hip hop greatness with that sideshow want to be artist. Stick to dresses, tight pants, and Dr Seuss rhymes youngsters ain’t built for this.

  7. I don’t always agree with what tip says but he’s dead on, on the fact there are/were a lot of talented artists that have incoherent verses but people love their music anyway. Young thugs personal style is the polar opposite of those he named with the dress wearing/nail painting bullisht but tips response to the question was fact.

  8. While Young Thug is not to be placed on the same level as the gods James Brown and ODB, T.I. is just exposing the haters. People love to gang up on people and use double standards and weak excuses just to criticize and put down. T.I. is just telling y’all to have some consistency and be real. If you’re going to criticize Young Thug for something apply the same criteria to everyone else. Don’t be selective about it.

  9. These dudes never wore a dress nor these dudes never call theyre associates hubby or my lover! I dont care if you think im judging cause i am gotdamit! I really am! That shiiii is misleading and the dumbass parents that let them buy into this shiiii. Its different if young thug came out like Fly young red and said i was gay or im bi. Dis nicca right here be like “i take it up the assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssspppppppppppirin is good for my LIFE STYLE!!!!!!!!!!! Ass nicca!!!!! Wearing and dresses and Shiiiiii talking bout Baby and lil wayne is my lover. Even gay niccas is like “Wtf!!!!!” is you or aint you! IJS……now watch one of sensitive dudes respond like “its none of your biz!!!”ass niccas!

  10. Whether if I could understand YT or not I still think he is 100 percent pure garbage. IMO. Nothing personal. Although I can understand the comparisons, YT is far from being in a league with the artists that TI mentioned. TI is really starting to seem fake to me. I can’t put my finger on it but dude is losing it. I’m not into hating on people for the shit that they do, I simply will not support it or buy into it. I suggest others do the same. Don’t support nor listen to music that you feel is trash. the world would be a better place.

    1. I can put my finger on it. Usually it it involves $$$$$$$$ He sees a way to capitalize off dude success. He is ready to take full advantage of the situation. It seem like he did not want to associate with Young Thug until he started to get a buzz

      1. No what he is saying is he wanted to make sure his money would grow if he invested in him and it is nothing wrong with that. Some of you people should think more business minded then judging people off of your personal feelings and you probably would be alot more succesful in life.

      2. Sure I agree with your first statement. How do you know what success anyone has garnered on this site if you do not know them personally? Aren’t you doing the same thing you said not to do? I stated my opinion on why he is co-signing him. Which you seem to agree. I could be right or wrong but it is my opinion what is wrong with that?

      3. Yeah it’s all the same. People compare lil wayne to 2pac, Rick Ross to Bigge, Wiz to Snoop, YG to Easy E, Migos to Wu tang or a tribe called quest and last but not least nicki to lil kim but the comparisons between them two are just to obvious to ignore. TI is defending his investments so thats not a surprise coming from a business stand point but I’m willing to bet that even TI believes deep down that some of his own artists are wack. If you support bullshit then bullshit shall remain so we can’t complain when we’re the ones lining these wack niggas pockets which gives them more opportunity to make more wack music. TI is cool but I don’t listen to any other artists on his grand hustle label. Not one except for Trae the truth, now he’s cool. Doe B was straight but I didn’t see what was so different between him and all the rest of these trap rappers.

  11. Is it the author’s opinion that ODB, Bone Thugs and Harmony and James Brown are legends. I listened to the interview he never claimed they were legends. It seems the author of this article is insinuating that. I do not think ODB is a legend. It had a few songs that is about it.

    So TI is saying because other artists words were not easily interpreted, it is ok to mumble on records. I think the problem is music nowadays suck so bad as long as you have a nice beat, you can say anything it will sell. If you add a silly azz dance to it as well that everyone likes then you are guaranteed to have a hit.

      1. I like ODB I loved his style but to say he is a legend is pushing it. He didn’t do anything ground breaking. He style was loony. It sort of, kind of like Biz Markie…

      2. His style being looney is what made him different from his peers in the 90s until his death. He’s one of a kind. But we could agree to disagree homey.

  12. Man I don’t even comment on here but this just shows how weak rap has become. First this dude is feminine as hell and I don’t care about artistic expression because this fool has young idiots in southwest Atlanta saying that sideways slang and emulating that questionable behavior. Then this fool is not talented but people like T.I. who I used to respect have to cosign dude because he is what is hot now. This new generation can have these idiots. I’m 25 but this shit right here is not whats getting play in my car. Outkast, UGK, Big Krit, CurrenSy, Playa Fly, LE$ and old school R&B and Soul music.

  13. Like homeboy @Inmadopuroz said., how you gonna ever fantasize comparing Roach Thug to the Godfather of Soul ( inarguably ) Brooklyn Zoo spitta Ol Dirty.., an who else.., Bone Thugs…, T.I. , really dawg? All that Hollywood living got you forgetting the roots of this Hip Hop Lifestyle.., you know Damn well TIP.., if this ugly nigga tried to get on during the Rocafella, Bad boy, Interscope, No Limit era, ya boy wouldn’t even get his Shit heard.., we’d clown him in Jersey ( Nwk BrickCity ).., this nigga got his own flow…. ?????? ???..? ?? ?

  14. ODB Wiled out but he also broke down and rapped and spit heat and a person could speak Spanish where people don’t understand a word it’s either people feel it to the point where that doesn’t matter or they don’t

    1. That’s not mediocrity,that’s plain ol ugliness as far as the tiny situation goes. Tip is really suspect right now,first taking up for that “I’m so thirsty” funny lookin white girl to now co-signing this hot mess. Tip get out of yourself duke.

  15. Cameron Ponce De Leon


  16. The content of their lyrics was totally different from the aimless “I’m high on cough syrup, getting money” bullshit that young thug raps about though.

  17. T.I has a point with the odb comparison, I will give him that.ODB was never hot and he even stole some of his own crew members lyrics yet people loved him. The other people he mentioned are actually talented though….Young Thug won’t be around much longer anyways so ppl should just ignore him. Gimmicks only get you so far.

    1. cromthelaughinggod7

      Disagree! First tip never said ODB wasn’t hot. You said that. Second tip can’t compare ODB to young thug. ODB didn’t wear dresses, lip stick, paint his finger nails, call his boys, lovers, hubby (aka husband), bae or baby. Name lyrics that ODB stole and I will give you props? Also I can understand the majority of ODB’s songs as to young thugs I can only understand one or two words out an entire song. Gucci mane has more words that him and he is horrible. ODB is better than the majority of bs out today. Not OJ juice man, Gucci, Waka flocka, Cheif Keef, Lil durk, Bobby Smurda all of these garbage rappers.

      1. They are wacker than him of course but odb wasn’t hot and i think it was gzas lyrics that he stole. Just google odb steals lyrics and it will probably pop up. He wasn’t the wackest rapper ever but he was not dope like that RIP to that man no disrespect. These rappers nowadays be wack af but swear they making classics. Odb never said he was the illest or nothing so it is different I admit.

    2. The Magical Negro

      ODB was never hot?

      36 Chambers, N!gga Please, and countless Wu Albums and he wasnt hot?

      How old are you 15?

      Opinion is one thing but to say he was “never hot” is false.

      1. He was never lyrical like that and it was at least 5 dudes in his own crew better than him. He wasn’t as bad as rappers today are, but he was not hot to me. I’m nowhere near fifteen. I just like rappers who nice with lyrics, I got bars myself…and when I put this tape out I’m a be spamming this site harder than that CBT entity dude LMFAO

  18. I don’t understand all the hate for young thug, and then talking bout they can’t “comprehend” what he is saying.. But then they support a dumb ass nigga like Gucci mane.

    1. He has homosexual tendencies and pretends like it’s cool. Whoever actually thought Snoop was a pimp? These new dudes get the boundaries between character and real life crossed. He’s gayer than real gay black celebrities like Frank Ocean and Don Lemon. He’s like Rick Ross how is he more of a kingpin than real kingpins? It’s insulting and they are raping our culture and poisoning the next generation so they can buy designer clothes and top shelf liquor from rich white people.

      But fucc it though he shinnin my nicca!

  19. cromthelaughinggod7

    You know the funny thing. People understand bone thugs so I never heard of that. People understand twista, Tech nine, or even Busta. My nephew was 5 years old when that album with bone thugs had crossroads on it. He rapped the words all of them. I didn’t even know them at the time. He was 5 just 5. Tip is trying to be nice because he is from Atlanta. I hate rappers that want to please everyone so they just lie. That’s why I love Sean Price from Heltah Skeltah. He admits hey I don’t listen to female mcs or even listen to a lot of artist from NYC. He is picky but never kisses ass just to please people. A real dude.

  20. TI’s diplomatic approach of “everything is the shit” is corny. Nigga, call a spade a spade. What happened to the days of top tier rappers not co-signing wack shit? TI basically surrounds himself with it now.

    And for the record, I never met anybody who couldn’t understand what Dirty was saying. It takes me a few listens to get Bone, but that’s because they rapped fast. Young Thug just sounds like a retard and says nothing.

      1. Then where’s the artistic integrity? I hate this whole “let me ride this nigga’s wave because he’s hot right now” shit AKA the Jigga strategy. If you’re the king of the south, why are you supporting shit like this? I never heard of Jordan asking Bulls management to pick up bona fide scrubs so that he can play with them.

      2. I didn’t mention them because they’ve never been “hot” on a nationwide level per se. They’ve been consistently doing their thing before and after the “Big Pimpin” feature.

      1. I didn’t say good bro bro.. I said rap.. Like stay on beat.. Not say Hot nicca, shot nicca, glocc nicca, hot nicca.. Like switch ya flow up.. They can rap circles around Keef, Durk, Shmurda, and Young Thug.. But Sheek Louch and Snoop two dudes known for being kinda good would destroy em

  21. Young thug sounds like courage the cowardly dog okay I said it he sucks he’s good on a few hooks but that’s it you stinks period anybody who defends this shit as hip-hop missed the golden age 1990 to 2007 before shit became gay as hell and shitty hip-hop is garbage I go underground not this wack ass shit T.I is just trying to be nice to push this single is business at the end of the day

  22. People aren’t looking at the big Picture. TIP probably doesn’t like this Young Thug as a rapper for real, but he knew about the lil dude from the streets or trap or whatever them niccas calling it down there. He sees a young dude as his kind, trying to come up, and as long as he not shooting or killing or selling dope to make it, then TI is going to support 100%.

    That’s the difference between Southern love and other regions. They build each other up no matter the circumstance instead of keeping them down in the dirty hoods of America. Young thug is pure trash, but he’s looked at like the dude that made it.

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