T.I.: Reporting Information About A Missing Female Teenager Doesn’t Make You A Rat

The self-described “King Of The South” suggests working with cops is not always a bad thing.

(AllHipHop News) “Snitching” has become a major topic in Hip Hop over the last week. That conversation was sparked by Daniel “Tekashi 6ix9ine” Hernandez testifying against his former Nine Trey Bloods brethren in federal court.

Tip “T.I.” Harris was one of the many celebrities that voiced his opinion on 6ix9ine’s decision to work as a cooperating witness with prosecutors in order to lighten the potential 47 years-to-life sentence in his own racketeering/firearm case. T.I. even connected Tekashi’s situation with rumors that he became an informant after being arrested on weapon and drug charges.

“The thing that really hurt my feelings, when cats have suspicions about me and how my case worked out and how I got down and such a downward departure, and put that on me,” Tip told Big Boy’s Neighborhood. “My paperwork is available. Anybody who ever wanna see it. My plea agreement, you can pull up my court minutes. All you need is my name, my birthday. It’s public record. Ain’t no secret snitches.” 

The ExpediTIously podcast host has also faced disapproval from certain sectors for taking the stand against the alleged murderer of his friend Philant Johnson in 2008 and for also appearing in a law enforcement-supported “Crime Stoppers” public service announcement that same year. However, T.I. is still backing up the idea of working with the police in certain situations.

Tip made an Instagram post about Aviana Weaver, the missing 17-year-old New Jersey resident whose photos reportedly made their way to sex trafficking websites. T.I.’s IG caption read, “FYI…Saying something if you see her ain’t gon make you a Rat lil homie. #ProtectOurGirls #ExpediTIously.”

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