T.I.’s Son Involved In Shocking Bathroom Brawl

The rap star’s son was caught on camera in a vicious fight with another student at school.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper T.I.’s son King Harris has been filmed having a bathroom brawl with another kid.

The 15-year old is the son of T.I. and Tiny Harris. The edited 8-second clip shows Harris, an aspiring rapper, exchanging punches and blows with another boy.

King Harris whose stage name is “Kid Saiyan” is seen throwing his opponent against the wall and then elbowing his ribs.

King can be observed trading punches, ducking blows and giving and receiving a few hits.

There are conflicting reports as to why the fight started in the first place.

“He know he lost and I know he lost. He cannot fight,” King said in some deleted Tweets.