T.I. Says Iggy Azalea Should Be Judged On Her Art, Not Her Nationality (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The subject of whether Iggy Azalea should be considered Hip Hop or pop has become a hot button issue over the last few months. Some observers, like Rah Digga, feel the Australian performer does not really represent Hip Hop. While others, like The Roots’ Questlove, have expressed Iggy is just an example of what Hip Hop has grown to become in 2014.

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T.I., who has served as a mentor for Azalea’s music career, was asked in an interview with Hard Knock TV if he thought Iggy should be considered rap or pop. The Hustle Gang leader suggested critics of the “Fancy” performer are focusing on the wrong parts of who she is.

“I think her influence in music should be attributed to her work ethic, her artistic views, her impeccable ability to – she has a vision for herself and she will not compromise,” said Tip. “I think she should be judged based on that rather than her creed, nationality, or what country she’s from. Those are stereotypes.”

The Atlanta-based reality TV star goes on to add that artists should not be classified into certain categories, because in his view, it diminishes the purpose of them trying to bring people together through music. However, T.I. does admit that Iggy could be placed in several genres.

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Watch T.I.’s interview below.