T.I. Says Pastors At Kanye West’s Sunday Service Tried To Extort Him

T.I. aired out some grievances with a local pastor in Atlanta during an interview with Killer Mike on his Expeditiously podcast.

(AllHipHop News) Uh oh, looks like there’s trouble in paradise. 

On the heels of yet another successful Sunday Service by Kanye West, mega pastor Jamal Bryant is being denounced for using Ye and some of his high-profile, wealthy guests as a “money grab.” 

News of this accusation first emerged on an episode of T.I.’s Apple podcast titled “Expeditiously,” with Tip and Grammy-winning rapper Killer Mike. 

Tip reveals he and wife his wife Tamika Harris only arrived at the church to support his friend Kanye.

But, the rapper was targeted to give money — a scheme which left a bad taste in his mouth. 

“Jamal already raised the offering. When we sat down, there was a whole new agenda,” T.I. said.  

If you know Tip, you know he’s never one to hold back when it comes to helping the community. 

But this time, it seems to be a test of morals. He also made it clear he wasn’t going after pastors, but just this particular one. 

“It’s not that I have a thing against pastors or against preachers so-to-speak,” T.I. explained. “It’s just I’ve been raised in the trenches, and I was taught to peep game. You ain’t finna run no game on me. I will not be extorted.” 

While both Tip and Mike enjoyed Kanye’s powerful musical presentation, Harris revealed the request for money wrecked it for him. 

“I felt like I shouldn’t have came,” Tip said in disgust.  

When Bryant caught wind of the matter, he kindly replied in a lengthy Instagram post.

“There was NO money grab intention but part of an internal strategy to mobilize our church community to move towards economic independence,” Pastor Bryant said. “As black men I hope we can come together ‘expeditiously’ to find common ground to build. I want to invite both of you to come and give church another chance. I promise you I’m more interested in your life than your life savings! #runthejewels  

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