T.I. Says Prayers Should Replace Worry During Coronavirus Pandemic

As a voice of reason T.I. says not to panic, even as the pandemic may slow up his own ventures!

(AllHipHop News) Yet again, T.I. presents himself as the rap music’s voice of reason during times of uncertainty and despair.

No… really… forget about that time he said that thing about his wife and the champ and the other time he was joking about his daughter.

For the most part, his voice is steady with a level of digestible wisdom that makes fans feel safe.

This time, it is his saged offering around how we all should respond to the coronavirus pandemic. He took to social media and dropped these jewels:

“Don’t let the mass hysteria of the world (everybody else) make you forget how good God has been to ALL OF US,” T.I. philosophized. “Those of you who feel you can be a person of faith & not have your faith be tested…you’re mistaken,” Harris wrote in the caption. 

He added that “PRAYER SHOULD REPLACE YOUR WORRIES” and urged followers to “Take it light.”

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Earlier, T.I. applauded Christian rapper Lecrae who offered the community a COVID-19 Data pack. And even in this gesture, he pushed for mental peace in places of communal chaos.

On Instagram he wrote after reposting Lecrae, “Thanks @lecrae Knowledge is POWER & information is EVERYTHING!!! To live in fear is to not live at all!!! Don’t panic. Inform yourself. More information soon to come.”

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Indeed the hysteria might even put a monkey wrench in his plans.

According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, T.I. and Killer Mike were working on reopening a restaurant called Bankhead Seafood.

The plans were extensive as they sought to add a rooftop, expand the parking and allow a 130-seat dining experience. It was their hope to open early 2021, but that, like so many other plans, might be placed on pause.

They also planned to launch a scholarship with the HBCU Foundation to be given each year to a grad from their alma mater, Fredrick Douglass High, going to a historically Black college or University.

The scholarship would be a full ride, regardless of whichever HBCU that they have been accepted to.